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Original Molex Mini Fit Pin Extraction Tool - ATX / EPS / PCI-E
Part #: slt-04
Price: $23.99
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good quality tool
Reviewer:Hell_Hunterii (16)
lasted for an entire build, nice thick steel. Will bend if you over do it, but wont snap off like the cheap knock off''s. Do yourself a favor and fork out the extra few bucks to get this, saves you time and headaches.

Dont use anything else.
Reviewer:Raistlin (2)
Simply the best tool for atx/eps/pci-e pin removal. It only takes 2 seconds with this tool. DONT buy the Lamptron Deluxe Modular 5-in-1 kit, I did and could not remove a single pin but this tool works perfectly.

Love it
Reviewer:daldaren (1)
I had another kind of one break off, so I decided to spend the bucks for this.. well worth it. Unless you just have no idea what you''re doing, this isn''t going to break. Perfect tool for the job.

Just skip the others
Reviewer:Luc M (3)
I have tried several brands of these and find that all of them break very easy with the exception of this one. It seems to be made of a harder material.

Don''t even consider anything else
Reviewer:Simon Coombs (6)
I''ve tried both alternatives and neither one comes even close. Works everytime, even on stubborn items like Corsair''s PSU cables.

A little expensive for for your looking at
Reviewer:Wayne (35)
But seems to be the best and easiest way of getting those pin to come out. Plus is a lot stronger and resilient to bending than I thought. Just don''t twist or bend in weird directions.

the best
Reviewer:solid waterblock (3)
i have tried them all this is the best !

Original Molex Mini Fit Pin Extraction Tool - ATX
Reviewer:Surferjoee (2)
Unreal! I ordered on Saturday, received on MONDAY! These people are awesome! OK, the tool, works like a champ! Don''t expect to poke it in and then pull out the wire. Be patient, take your time. MAKE SURE the tools fingers are OUTSIDE of the terminal, and slowly insert until it stops (dont push too hard). Then, pull on the wire behind the terminal and it should pop right out. Great tool!

Expensive But Necessary
Reviewer: ()
Build solid, easy to use (make sure you get the tool OUTSIDE the socket). Requires a little finesse to get the pin extracted but light-years easier on the fingers than a bent hair pin. Pricey here, though, higher than MSRP.