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XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay - DDC Dual Pump / Dual Split Reservoirs w/ Blue LED Light - Clear (DDCBAYTWO)
Part #: ex-res-154
Price: $49.95
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Great res for great pumps!
Reviewer:Givmedew (7)
Can count on XSPC for great DDC performance. Only wish they made a version that was 2 pumps single loop. I know you can make it work on this but really who runs 2 loops? Show offs and folders? I''d rather make sure I am never letting a radiator sit idly by doing nothing!

Reviewer:michaelrw (2)
the guy below isnt completely wrong, but the things he listed arent really that big of a problem.. very petty. I have had way worse experience with other products. With regard to the screws... you really should use the screws to secure the res even with a screw-less drive bay.. the res is going to be filled with water and very heavy, its not light weight like a disc drive. It''s best to to secure it tightly, in my opinion. overall im very pleased with this. I have used it with dual-loop setup and single loop. For single loop i connected both pumps in series by connecting the left side to the right side with a piece of tubing.

Reviewer:john (6)
I bought this to split my cpu from my 460gtx to asist in the cooling. Three things to note 1, had to bend the tray fins because the side groves were too shallow 2, the tank is only half of the depth making installation of the hoses more difficult 3, the screws to mount the front plate did not fit because the acrylic body fail to have any threading.