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FrozenCPU Liquid Cooled Corsair Obsidian 750D Custom Full Tower Chassis
Part #: cst-959
Price: $849.99
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Perfection, after a few tweaks
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
The case itself is amazing. You can read the reviews of it elsewhere--it''s peerless. This is a review of FrozenCPU''s custom build. It''s a ton of money, but if you tally up the parts, and throw in at least a few hours of labor, it works out. The FrozenCPU guys made some small changes to my case: three 1k-2k rpm Noiseblocker M12-P fans up top instead of the slower 1200 rpm fans, a Lamptron FC4 fan controller, and then a reservoir change. Instead of the Primochill Typhoon III, which is pretty tough to work with (and believe me, I tried), the guys suggested the EK D5 X-Top pump top for the 655, and then a EK-Multioption 4-port RES 100 Rev. 2 perched on top of that. I have a tube with a dangerden fillport going into the top of the reservoir for anger-free filling and de-bubbling. And a T-pipe with another tube and fillport for easy draining. I think both the reservoir and the T are slowing down the flow, but oh man it is so handy. In the loop I have a QX9650 at 4GHz and two PowerColor 5870s with the factory-installed EK waterblocks. Load temperatures are amazing on the 5870 (never above 55C), and acceptable on the cpu. On hot days (when my home office is warm), the CPU will stay in the low- to mid-50s while playing BFBC2, but might briefly spike to 65 (its max). With ambient room temp of 77F (yes, it''s a bit warm in my office today), idle temps are 35-40C on the 5870s (as indicated by EVGA Precision), and 36-40C on the hottest CPU core (Core Temp). Some other notes: double check all of the fittings, as things loosen up during shipping. It comes with plenty of luxurious Feser tubing, so you don''t need to order more. My fans were rubbing sometimes, and I discovered it was because the screws that go through the top of the case, through the fans, and then into the radiator, were a teeny bit too short, and they were compressing the fans, causing rubbing. But the case comes with bags and bags and bags of screws (all black, which is a nice touch), and one of the bags had screws that were about 2mm longer--perfect.