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Date Title / Description
Nov 21 2010 Best CPU Cooler Performance: Intel Heatsinks Q3-2010
Motherboard sockets come and go, but processors can always be depended on to create heat. For a short while longer, Intel's LGA1366 socket on the X58-Express remains the platform of choice for hardware enthusiasts and performance overclockers. Heatsink manufacturers haven't made much noise recently, holding back CPU cooler announcements until after Intel's Sandy Bridge LGA1155 socket is launched. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests a few newcomer heatsinks against a collection of solid past performers in this Best CPU Cooler Performance: Intel Heatsinks Q3-2010 article.
Oct 11 2010 Turning PC Into Apple Macintosh: Hackintosh
A "Hackintosh" is a computer that runs Apple's OS X operating system on non-Apple hardware. This has been possible since Apple's switch from IBM's PowerPC processors to Intel processors a few years ago. Until recently, building a PC-based Mac was something done only by hard-core hackers and technophiles, but in the last few months, building a Hackintosh PC has become much easier. Benchmark Reviews looks at what it's possible to do with PC hardware and the Mac Snow Leopard OS today, and the pros and cons of the building a Hackintosh computer system over purchasing a supported Apple Mac Pro.
Aug 31 2010 Intel Core-i3/i5/i7 LGA1156 Overclocking Guide
We normally think people need to take any advantage possible in their lives. If something is going wrong, just give it a 180ș turn and learn what you need to learn from it. Today many top motherboard brands advertise overclocking capability as a "feature" of their products, so it is silly to buy the motherboard and not get the most out of your processor. Join Benchmark Reviews to take that advantage and overclock the hell out of your PC while keeping it "safe" and find the point where you increase your efficiency instead of reducing it just for a few more MHz.
Jul 27 2010 Best CPU Cooler Performance Q2-2010
Enthusiast overclockers demand only the best performance from their computer hardware, which is why the aftermarket heatsink industry is thriving with fierce competition. Using an overclocked Intel Core i7 processor on the X58-Express platform, only the very best CPU coolers will endure. Benchmark Reviews tests the latest Intel LGA1366 heatsinks in this Best CPU Cooler Performance Q2-2010 article
Jun 27 2010 Enthusiast Custom PC Build Q3-2010
Benchmark Reviews has sat down and created three enthusiast machines without the dreaded price gauge of many pre-built setups - the 'Enthusiast PC Build' for Q3 2010!
Jun 13 2010 Installed Memory vs RAM Usable by Windows
Most PC users are familiar with the 4GB system memory limitation of 32-bit Windows Operating Systems, which is why 64-bit computing has become the standard for computer enthusiasts. Occasionally though, a computer system will not report the correct amount of RAM installed. While some may dismiss this as a case of defective RAM, you might be surprised by the culprit.
Apr 09 2010 Benchmark Performance SSD Testing: AHCI vs IDE
Solid State Drive technology is unfamiliar to many consumers, and so long as there are different ways an SSD can operate there always be questions that need answering. In this article Benchmark Reviews demonstrates how SSDs are tested by the manufacturer, and illustrates how real-world performance is different for end-users
Mar 12 2010 Best CPU Cooler Performance Intel/AMD Q1-2010
In the very recent past there have been two major trends which have accelerated the performance potential of CPU cooler. First development was the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology. The second is new to our industry in specific, disrupting smooth airflow and reduce the laminar skin effect which allows air to travel just above the solid surface. Most manufacturers have used at least one of these new concepts in their product design and Benchmark Reviews will see how much this affects the overall performance as they test a large segment of enthusiast cooling products.
Feb 27 2010 PC Fax Directly from Acrobat PDF
Faxing directly from your PC with Acrobat and the Windows fax service (also known as the Windows fax console) is convenient and easy. It's also becoming many people's only faxing option. This guide will show you how to use the Windows fax service, and additionally will review the Rosewill RNX-56USB fax modem which provides an external solution for computers lacking internal units.
Feb 01 2010 Windows 7 System Image Disc Recovery
This guide will detail the steps necessary to back-up data, create a system restore image, and recover the computer's drive using a system disk for Windows 7. Additionally, Benchmark Reviews offers advice on how to avoid the system image restore errors during the recovery operation.
Nov 27 2009 AVIVO PureVideo HD DXVA GPU Acceleration Guide
Here at Benchmark Reviews, we will teach you how to use your GPU to playback and enhance HD video content, and weŽre not limited to DVD or Blu-ray content, because weŽll also address .mkv files so that you can enjoy your stored multimedia. There is so much content available for download from Internet which can be reproduced without using your CPU, that it makes good sense to enhance the image quality whenever possible and enjoy the Full High Definition experience as it was meant to be!
Nov 09 2009 How To Install or Upgrade Microsoft Windows 7
The main focus of this article is going to be the installation and/or upgrade to Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, with a specific concentration on Professional, for that is the version I am using in the example install.
Oct 08 2009 Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 - Q3 2009
The Benchmark Reviews test lab is rife with cooling products, ranging from silent low-profile to full-size tower coolers. The purpose of this series is to measure products for the best cooling performance in both stock and overclocked forms. Unlike the last quarterly report, there's a new name for enthusiasts and overclockers to remember in this roundup.
Oct 04 2009 Enhancing The Windows Media Center Experience
With the imminent release of Windows 7 Operating System, Benchmark Reviews explores the evolution of the Windows HTPC Platform and the efforts of the global community that has used Microsoft's product to showcase their passion for making the PC a core component of the home entertainment setup.
Sep 05 2009 Recycled PC: Old Computers with a New Purpose
Green attitudes have dissuaded people from tossing out old computers that have become disued or replaced, but what is interesting about this computers is that they're still perfectly useable.
Aug 06 2009 Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 - Q2 2009
Overclockers and performance enthusiasts share the same desire to cool their processor with the best possible hardware solution. Benchmark Reviews strives to offer the overclocker and hardware enthusiast community solid evidence reflecting the true performance of computer products through rigorous testing and evaluation.
Aug 06 2009 Using Dual-Monitors to Optimize Productivity
Historically most people couldn't justify the expense of a dual-monitor setup in spite of the productivity gains multiple screens afford. In this article we show you why it is worth the price.
Jun 14 2009 80-way Thermal Interface Material Performance Test
80 thermal pastes were tested for this project, which was built from entirely new data taking over one year of research to publish, and our collection of test material has grown to include every product we could acquire from the marketplace. Benchmark Reviews has received advice of industry experts, manufacturers, and elite overclockers to bring you this comprehensive 80-Way Thermal Interface Material cooling performance comparison benchmark test.
Mar 17 2009 Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 - Q1 2009
This Best CPU Cooler Performance LGA1366 - Q1 2009 article focuses on a wide selection of performance-cooling products for overclockers. It's a mistake to think that any LGA775 cooler can do just as well with the new LGA1366/Core i7 platform; primarily because the size and location of processor cores has changed.
Dec 22 2008 Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing
In this article, Benchmark Reviews sets out to detail the performance differences between SSD products attached to the JMicron JMB322 host-based controller and the Intel ICH10R, but instead discovered a larger problem.
Sep 05 2008 CPU Sockets and Slots
We have put together a table listing the popular CPU sockets and slots with their associated processors for your reference.
Sep 05 2008 Overclocking the NVIDIA GeForce Video Card
This article will focus on achieving the most gain possible from any NVIDIA GeForce video card through overclocking, while using the least amount of effort.
Jun 15 2008 NVIDIA GPU Computing & CUDA FAQ
Benchmark Reviews offers this FAQ to help our readers understand what is happening, and help introduce them to what is coming. We don't want anyone to be left in the cold when the rest of the world learns how the GPU is learning to be a CPU
May 10 2008 DDR3 RAM: System Memory Technology Explained
It seems like DDR3 is the technology nobody wants bad enough to learn about. Pity, because DDR3 is the key to extreme overclocking.
Apr 20 2008 Best Thermal Paste Application Methods
In this article, we dispel myth and establishes fact on the topic of proper application of Thermal Interface Material.
Mar 13 2008 Introduction to Overclocking: A Guide for Beginners
Overclocking is the technique used to increase the speed of a device beyond stock. This guide will show you how to safely speed up your hardware well beyond its normal performance levels.
Mar 01 2008 How to Shop for Your First HDTV
This guide will infuse months of research into a very easy to understand article, all for the purpose of preparing you for D-Day.
Feb 10 2008 Heatsink and TIM Basics
A system's CPU cooler is the most important cooling component in a PC since, the vast majority of the time, the component which generates the most heat inside your PC is your CPU; and in order for the CPU to function correctly that heat needs to be dispersed. This article from will introduce you to heatsinks and what you need to know about them.
Feb 02 2008 Using a Power Supply Tester
As anyone who has ever built their own system can tell you, their comes a "moment of truth" so to speak, when you hit that power button on your PC for the first time. There is a way to further increase the likelihood that your new PC will fire up that first time, though. Test the power supply! This article from will help you do just that.
Jan 24 2008 PC Water Cooling 101
An article from Diceman at about pc water cooling solutions and the benefits of computer liquid cooling.
Jan 22 2008 Choosing a CPU Cooler
An article from Diceman at about CPU coolers and selecting the best one for your needs.
Jan 21 2008 How to Select A PC Case
An article from Diceman at about pc cases and the different types of computer cases available today.