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Windows 7 System Image Disc Recovery
February 01 2010

Very recently Benchmark Reviews published the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade and Installation guide, which helps erase the mistakes made by Windows Vista and introduces computer enthusiasts to the newly introduced O/S. Microsoft has enjoyed a successful launch for their Windows 7 Operating System, also referred to at Win7 or W7, and PCs have been made more productive and secure as a result. But like all good things that we receive, it's in our nature to protect and keep them. The best way to accomplish this is with a solid backup, and luckily Windows 7 offers a built-in Backup and Restore tool for creating System Images. By creating a backup file users can preserve their data, but with a System Image recovering the source disk can be helpful when replacing the drive with another. In this article, Benchmark Reviews guides users on the best practices for protecting and Recovering Windows 7 with System Image Restore Disks.

Thanks to Moore's law, computer technology is always-changing, and for many hardware enthusiasts a new product for the PC means an exciting opportunity to experience the future. Since Windows XP was the last O/S to receive widespread acceptance from the power-user community, it's not surprising that many have taken to buying new computers with the Windows 7 O/S installed. Taking things one step further, some users are taking this opportunity to replace the standard hard drive with another great new technological advancement: the Solid State Drive.

This guide will detail the steps necessary to back-up data, create a system restore image, and recover the computer's drive using a system disk for Windows 7. Additionally, Benchmark Reviews offers advice on how to avoid the system image restore errors during the recovery operation. Users experiencing messages like "The system image restore failed. No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found." and "The system image restore failed. Error details: The parameter is incorrect. 0x80070057" will be guided towards success in this article.