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The bends in the picture aren''t as good as the look. This tubing will kink at about 3 3/4in bend. This is no good for a watercooling system. You need tight short bends a lot of the time and this stuff just won''t do it on its own. I you buy it, make sure you get some coolsleeve too, your gonna need it.
I read somewhere.....
I saw a review for this stuff somewhere. I think the link for it was over at The stuff doesn''t melt at 58deg/c like stated in the specs, more like 68-69deg/c. It gives temps that are a few degrees higher than artic silver 5. They had there chip at 49 deg/c load on this stuff and on as5 it was 46 deg/c. I suppose if it were to melt it might do better. This stuff might be good for a qx6700 or gpu bc temps on those generally go up that high on load.