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brian (7) Results: 1-7 of 7
So, I don''t really leave a lot of feedback on products unless I''m completely pissed off or amazed. These fans come with top notch hardware. Expensive? Yes, but the quality is great and worth it.
extremely quiet. im going to be buying more of these. best fan i have used so far.
not so much....
I had the zerotherm but I wanted to switch to a style of cooler that would blow into the mb due to my case setup. Compared to the zerotherm, install is a b*tch. There are more fins, yes, but they are very flimsy. The finish on the copper cpu contact is not smooth at all. A good mount will utilize springs along with hardware to keep an even, safe amount of constant pressure. This is a straight chassis to back-plate bolt up. The included thermal paste is garbage. POS quality. Performance is ok. I do not recommend.