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Great fans!
I''ve got these in my mining rig and they certainly flow enough air to keep the GPUs nice and cool. I''ve got 10 of them at the moment, and they are about as loud as 3-4 servers at low speed (so a little loud, and definitely too loud to be in the same room with). However, they do quiet down nicely when throttled back. I''ll be buying more for sure.
10-ish years later, still going strong!
I have been using this little coil in my res for about 10 years along with distilled water. I have not had to change any water, only add some every year or two. I''ve used other products previously and they did not work nearly as well as this little guy does. This is the only way to go, IMO.
Amazingly quiet!
I came from an MCP 600 after running it 24/7 for about 8 years. It was quite audible, but performed well enough plus it lasted well beyond the MTBF. After getting my new loop installed and was turning this pump on for the first time, I did not think it was running at all, until I saw the water it was moving. It has a "soft start" so be prepared and do as the other reviewer suggested and have the pump pre-primed(water at the intake) or you will cause damage in a hurry. I cannot hear the pump, even on max settings, over my 5 raptors and 7 fans(low speed). I would have no problems suggesting this pump to anyone!