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Great waterblock/pump combo
Used this to replace my Apogee XT rev 2 and separate Laing DDC Rev. 3.25 pump. This pump/block combo really freed up a lot of extra space in my much cramped micro case. Easy to install. You have to replace your oem backplate. The block installs easily with the screws and you cannot over-tighten the assy. It is quiet and keeps my system as cool as my older setup. The only thing is since the block is bigger you must test fit the cooler in all 4 configurations to make sure the inlet/outlet barbs do not interfere with your ram or in my case the 240mm radiator that was right next to it. Not really a big deal as you can also remove the fittings from the pump and re orientate them to a slightly different angle. It is expensive but worth it if you do not have extra space in your case for a separate pump. Cuts down on the tubing runs also. As an added bonus you can change the led color with the use of supplied colored lenses.
High Quality Fan
I got 3 of these fans to lessen the noise and still provide air flow. These fans are of a very high quality build. I did not use the resistors since I have a fan controller. You almost cannot hear the fans at 5v-6v. The rubber mounts work and install great. Highly recomended if you stand the price.