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Good lapping kit
So I found the kit to be just the right size for lapping HS or CPU heat spreader. The included glass ensures a level of flatness you can''t get without it. Still have the 2500 grit paper, good for wetsanding too. I can''t find grits this fine in my local hadware store, 1500 is about the best I can get.
A little misleading
This is a comprehensive sleeving kit that has a lot of extras you don''t normally find in a kit. I sleeved a whole computer with this and I didn''t come up short with anything. The 18 gauge wire was a nice touch and I found it to be quite handy. My major misgiving with this product is it being listed as a UV red kit. This is a true, dark red sleeving and looks very nice and is high density but it is NOT UV reactive. Under UV light it just looks dark, same as black sleeving. This is a major problem in my book as I certainly did want a UV reactive kit. Even with this major faux pas, I still think this kit deserves a 4 out of 5. I found the quality of everything to be very good and mostly useful, although I have no idea who would use all those purse locks!
Great looking and performing fan. Longevity too!
First of all, this is the only place I know of to get these. I ordered one of these about 3 years ago and it is still going in my current build. I have moved it to several different builds because I like it so much. It has finally started to show its age. The hub in the middle is somewhat loose, allowing the fan to move laterally away from the frame esp. when moving it around. But when it starts spinning centrifugal forces move it back in line. Also two of the lights have burned out, but it still is the brightest fan in my case!! (Antec 900 w/3 tricools and the big daddy) Maybe I got a good one, but it is also nearly silent. I have used this for the cooling fan on my Thermalright Ultra 120 because it has a 3 pin for monitoring speeds. I''ve since retired it to the exhaust fan on my case. It is VERY UV reactive and adds a lot to the rig. I was about to order two more, but I got a steal on the new Cool-it Domino water cooler, so I can move this fan from exhaust to intake as the exhaust will be taken up by the radiator. I may still order a couple of these! Great fans, highly recommended and a nice price as well. BTW, there is a designation in the model name for different speeds D12sm means medium speed, these run at 1650 + or - 10%. It moves plenty of air at this speed but if you are looking for absolute silence check out the d12sl = low speed. I''m not sure why you''d want to run a 120mm fan at 2200rpm, but they have those here too. Just don''t expect silence from those!