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Unrealistic ratings.....
Tested in a controlled environment....cfm rating is "ambitious" at best, actually delivers approx. 60% of rated cfm. Sound rating is about half of what it really has....which is low 30 dBa. But, if you go to SilenX''s website, you''ll see how they arrive at their sound ratings, at least in part. Instead of one reading, they take one reading on-axis and two readings off-axis, all at one meter, and average the three readings. Of course, they never mention what voltage the fan is running at when taking their sound guess is around 5-7V. It certainly isn''t at 12V...any reputable testing site that has tested these fans can attest to how loud they truly are...Silent PC Review comes to mind. Air flow is much lower than rated. conducted an exhaustive fan test and these barely managed to put out 60% of their "rated" cfm....into air, never mind through a radiator. In the end, overpriced fans with inflated ratings. And their small motors, that SilenX trumpets as helping quiet the fan, are simply too small and tend to overheat. Save your money and buy a good fan, like a Scythe S-Flex or a Zalman F3.