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Best Pump on the Market
This is my first MCP655 pump "D5". I purchased in 07 and have never had the first vibration or noise out of it. It runs 24/7. My previous liquid cooled system had an all-in-one kit in it. This pump should never be ran dry or you will mess it up quick. Always take the extra time and effort to prefill the lines with water before you start it. Do not think that you can just let the pump pull the water in to your system and fill it that way. I have read my articles of people that TRIED and failed. I have recently changed out the top with an after market one. This gave me the option to use any fittings I want, no adapters needed. I choose the Koolance swival angled fittings and the acetal nozzle base is simular to Koolances but a little cheaper. Still fits on the original stand too. Do some research and you can make this think work in almost any way you can think of. no cutting or drilling needed. Very user friendly. A must have pump.
Great Product
As long as you check to see that your product and your fittings are of the same thread size then they will fit anything you put them in. Never leak. I have been using Koolance fittings in cooling applications for many years now, and I have never run in to any issues with them. They are a little on the high side as price goes, but well worth the money in the end. Looks great in your case. Very finished look. I would never use any other brand fitting.