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Works great but not for the novice.
Works great but application is not for the novice due to its gritty/gooey consistency.
A requirement for anyone applying their own thermal!
Amazing product! You wouldn''t believe how much non-thermally conductive crap is on everything until you see what this cleans off of it. Cheap at twice the price!
The most PERFECT thermal interface available!
Coollaboratory liquid metal not only has a high thermal conductivity and works well for air cooled rigs but it does especially well for TEC and phase change applications as its melting point is 8 degrees C, so it solidifies into a block of metal giving a near perfect thermal interface. Great support from the company when asking them about sub-zero specs. A few application tricks: Use dielectric under and along sides of CPU topped off with a silicone sealant to prevent any from getting to CPU during application and afterwards. I also lapped both the CPU and the cooler interfaces to 1/2000, used Arctic cleaning solutions, and then applied the liquid metal to both interfaces and put a small bead in center with a lot of clamping pressure.
Works but display changing drive insane.
If this had all four inputs on the screen or if you could select the input(s) to view then it would be OK but it cycles through all four temp/fan monitors whether there is anything connected or not.