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How to use these
Some lessons I learned the hard way: First - the pic is great, these are break off pins so the plate with 3 holes is thrown away. These are easy to mess up so buy extra! They are tiny and very hard to use by just crimping, instead what I found best is to just tin your wire, not much solder at all, then bend these pins at a right angle and use an aligator clip to hold the base. Next put the wire into the groove and just touch the soldering iron to it and let the tinned wire bond. THEN squeeze the clips tight and break off and insert in the holder (the other side of these pins has a little spring clip, so that side lines up with the slot in the plastic header piece. The most common problems I had were, bending the clamps poorly or adding too much solder-> eatherr way it makes it difficult if not impossible to seat the pins properly. Use these, they work great and look sharp.