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quietEST fan I''ve tested yet
Provided you use the included rubber mounts, and provided you have the proper static air flow and have an unobstructed area for these to both intake and exhaust air, you shouldn''t notice these on until you crank up to the max setting. Remember to check these fit for your application! I forgot to measure the screws for my radiator, and unfortunately was forced to modify this fan to attach to my radiator properly... humbug. I have 4 of these in my case, and 2 120x120x25 MM silenx fans coming for my EXOS-2 this week. I was forced to order them from ggeweN because FrozenCPU was sold out of the 72CFM version for about a week. I will be posting a rating of each of these fans using a DB meter borrowed from my father this week to prove/disprove the 18 dbA claim! Stay tuned.
Fun! A sticky mess to remove...
Installing these can be both easy and difficult at the same time. You can cut them with sizors to fit your particular application, however you will find it difficult to remove this gunk! Another warning: avoid, at all costs, using these on *High* heat ouput sources such as a GPU, CPU, or PPU, they will not conduct as efficiently as silver thermal compound. Good for chipsets such as RAM or MOSFET applications, just beware using these on other applications..
Flexible, Good Fitting, Easy to Manage
I have the experience of 3 different types of tubing and so far this is my favorite. I have used Koolance tubing, Thermaltake tubing (green *shiver*), and all three generally performed equally in kinking testing, but this was the best because it simply is easier to work with than stiffer tubing! No UV additives, no trouble. Kink sufferers: I recommend elbow connectors... will save you a few headaches ;)
Great Fans!
These fans are very glossy and have good air flow. I''ve been told Silenx fans are better but I have no basis to agree/disagree.