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Slick, Pliable Rubber
This pliable C-strip moulding looks great around the edges of the window hole I cut in my case (modders mesh window looks top notch- hot glued the modders mesh behind the C-strip lined hole).
Great FrozenCPU Product
These look great on my dual blowhole FrozenCPU clear case window. Metal sreen is very fine mesh, so it will catch all the dust.
Good filter/gril.
It is much more flush than the photo indicates. It mounts between your fan and case panel. Holes are a little too big for the best filtering, so I glued some fine mesh black patio screen to the back of it.
Total Isolation
These totally isolate the fan from the case panel by a mere millimeter or so. Suprisingly taught and secure. You''ll swear you''re gonna break them when your stretching and pulling them through, but you won''t.