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Jerry (15) Results: 1-15 of 15
Moves a lot of air
This fan moves a lot of air, but does have a slight hum to it. It''s probably not as quiet as I would have hoped, but it does move enough air to keep things cool. Mounting system is weird. The section the screws go into is all rubber. Which is great for reducing structure borne noise caused by vibration. But, you can''t make the screws tight if you are mounting them through a case wall. I put in some long machine screws with small washers and nuts to hold them in place. I don''t think they would fall off, but I just don''t get a warm fuzzy that you really can''t make them tight.
Good Stuff
If you want a way to make the air borne noise in your PC not make it out, this is the stuff to use. It works really, realy well. Very think and dense, really takes care of all the noise. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to make their PC quieter.
Good Fan
Quiet, moves a decent amount of air. Very hard to hear run. A little pricy, but clearly worth it.