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The Best of the Best Radiator Fans
These fans will push tons of air through thick radiators. You get what you pay for. They are silent but powerful. I did notice a whistling sound when I put them in push pull, however I fixed that by putting a fan shroud in between and the noise was gone. I also discovered that the fan propeller sticks out enough to halt the fan if you secure them to a radiator in pull mode. Like mentioned before, I suggest a small fan shroud like the Phobya Plexi. Other than that these fans are BOSS!!
The Best of the Best Radiator Fans
If you are looking for high air flow but silent, then look no further, because these are the best fans you will ever buy, worth every penny. I have these on push pull config. the push fan runs at 2400 rpm and the pull fan runs at 1300 with a Phobya fan shroud. I run these fans at max speed with a fan controller and my CPU is alwasys 28 degrees cold like a popsicle. :)
Perfect for Cable Mangement or Water Tubing
This is a perfect solution for your Cable management DIY or Water Cooling Tubing. All you need is a 1" hole saw.