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Actually works.
Okay, a bit about silencing Hard-Drives. Most of what you''ll find are either enclosures or rubber grommets. While these can have some effect, there are usually some big problems with them. With enclosures, the HDD can get hotter than it would normally, and it doesn''t completely stop vibrations, just the high frequency noise. With rubber grommets, unless they''re really soft grommets, they won''t stop vibration transfered to the case. Unfortunately, it''s vibrations transfered to the case that are your biggest HDD noises (when seeking). However, one of the best ways to eliminate this transfer is through Suspension systems. The NoVibes III is one of these suspension systems. While it won''t eliminate 100% of your HDD noise (mostly from the spinning platters, the higher frequencies), it WILL practically eliminate the seeking noise transfered to the case. If you have a small jackhammer inhabiting your housing, I would highly suggest one of these if you''re not into trying to create a suspension system of your own. After the installation, the loudest thing in my case is the PSU, which is the only non-quiet fan in the case (VGA is passively cooled, the rest of the fans have true 26dBA). If your Hard Drive is driving you nuts with the noise, go for it.