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Tool-less = awesome!
I''m going to do a quick review on these just to help people. I use these to save money and time swapping fans and save money on buy a fan silencer. I''ve never used a fan silencer because I''ve always used these. Ever since I seen them in a old Dell Dimension I had. They maybe a tab hard to get into the fan but I use a little (I mean little) flat head screw driver while I pull on the end. But once they are in they stay in. Absolutely, dissolves vibration, noise, and time. For a buck fifty for a 4 pack, these are well worth the money. One more thing to add. Perfect for putting a fan in a place where there is no fan placements. Example: CM HAF 932 front fan. Made for a 230mm fan with a 120mm mount available but for one who wants to use a 140, the holes are big enough to allow these to pop in and hold the fan. Good to have extra. Hope this helps!
I picked up 3 of these, 2 for my 4 side fans to save cable cluttering. Luckily I picked up three for 2 120mm Enermax fans on top of my CM HAF 932. Works great! Should also pick up one or two more, just in case (no pun attended)