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Van_Arnam (7) Results: 1-7 of 7
if 60 dB doesn''t bother you, this is the fan of fans.
few fans over 200CFM this "quiet"-it''s loud to be sure, but there''s no high pitched whine due to lack of directional fins. i have a pile of these and ALL start up and spin at 5V. with a fan controller that can take the power of these you have quite a range to work with. W/ a dense rad (and by that i mean black ice GTX or on a phase change unit) these are unreal.
Initially great, then oxidized and broke.
over 10 broke out of 20. They lasted about 5 months. the attached grill on one broke a fan blade on a neighboring fan. Is it just dry weather in California? not sure. none were exposed to direct sunlight nor were any ever in temps higher than 90F. maybe try some rubber shims?
Great fan
As advertised, tho I think this moves more air than other "50-60CFM fans I have. The fixed blades do a great job of directing flow straight out-you''ll love it if it''s to be a push fan. not quiet, but reasonable and no high-pitched squeaking or anything. I have 2 4 by 9800gx2 systems, and the video cards alone are drawing 900w each. i used these as exhaust and the temps dropped 3C over another 80mm fan at 25CFM. Highly recommend! FrozenCPu is a great seller too.