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Lutorm (4) Results: 1-4 of 4
Just glycerin
I don''t know how well this works or doesn''t, but according to the MSDS is it just glycerol (glycerin) and water. Contrasting the sales-speak with that fact is pretty funny.
Works, but deteriorates
Ten years ago (!), I covered all the nooks and crannies of my Antec P180 with this, mostly to dampen out the whine from the hard drive. It does work and I''ve been happy with it, but when it finally came time to retire that case now, the foam had degraded to a sticky, slightly slimy consistency that smears off everywhere and is really nasty. The moral here is probably to replace them more often than I have...
Very flexible
This tubing is super flexible and won''t tug on your components. Like others have said, though, if you need less than maybe a 6" radius, it will kink unless you use some anti-kink coils. It did get slightly stained from the dye in the coolant, too, but I''ve run these tubes for 10 years and they''re still as flexible as they were on day one.
A bit sloppy
These appear to be pretty high quality, but there is a noticeable amount of slop where the fitting rotates. If you have another fitting hanging off the end, it will "sag" because of this. I haven''t leak tested yet so I don''t know whether this is just cosmetic or if the misalignment will cause it to leak.