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Jon (9) Results: 1-9 of 9
Mediocre quality
I ordered about 40 of these screws. About 5 of them were unusable because the thread was damaged. These are not a very high quality screw. They look nice and are fine to use if you plan to install them and leave them alone. I would not use them for an application where you remove and refasten often (such as your side panel). Not as nice as the screws that come with a LL case.
Nice build quality
This product is well built. I found the ID of the tool to be a bit big for Molex connectors. You have to rock the tool back and forth to bend the retaining pins in. Nice tool for the casual system builder.
This is a great product. I used a set of 4 to mount my entire HDD enclosure onto the case frame. This helped quiet down my system quite a bit. The rubber is soft and can really knock a lot of noise out. Recommended.
nice setup
I bought this unit with 3 blue LED rocker switches. The part is well built, no complaints. Be careful when you hook up the LED on the switch. If you do it wrong you can ruin the LED.
ok tool for hobbyist
This tool works as advertised but it is not a high end tool. When cutting for a long time the handle will start to dig into your hand. Not very comfortable. This works well on 1mm thick aluminum used on many cases. I cut a side window out with a curve in it and it worked well, next time I will look for a nicer tool.