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Boss Trick
With banks of SATA drives, the data cables can look untidy, or three simple tricks can be employed. Go long, twist, and boss the cables. With a little encouragement, SATA cables can be wrapped around a dowel about the diameter of a pencil to form a helix, and a double helix can be achieved with a bit more effort. Once twisted, slip a cut to length section of old IDE sheath, gutted coax sheath, or gutted power cable sheath through the helixes, connect one end and work the cables tight around the boss sheath before connecting the other end. The look is tidy tight spirals and smooth transitions can be accomplished with little effort.
Tight Spaces
Replaced the crappy OEM 40mm fans in a pair of 5.25” Sytrin HDD coolers with these little guys. A couple of issues with any 40mm fan are, the tight spaces are a pain to clean, and the rapid accumulation of dust in those tight spaces. During a complete dismantle, cleaning and rebuild project, the four little guys were dropped into a container of Purple Power liquid degreaser for about fifteen minutes and after a second swishing in a fresh bath, they came out sparkling clean. After blowing them off with moisture trapped compressed air they sat for a couple of days. Then they were hooked up to a test PSU, and, to everyone’s surprise, they looked new, and are still the most efficient and quietest 40mm fans in the room.
Form follows function
Purchased one of these units in hopes of using just the metal plate for a twin 80mm computer case floor fan assembly cantilevered off a modified PCI slot cover, but it was too wide. The unit sat in its box for a few months until yours truly noted the ISP supplied router was running hot 24/7. With a USB port on the rear of the router, it was a no brainer. The Cabcool unit was assembled using plastic fan fasteners and the furnished finger guards, plugged into the USB port on the rear of the router then placed strategically on the router''s top, and voilà, a 24/7 cool router. Granted it’s not the most attractive form of cooling, but it functions, and it''s very quiet.
Now what?
Folks, it’s getting harder and harder to find simple, close quarter, dual 80mm fan brackets, built to take cantilevered weight. There’s really only two out there now. CabCool’s 802 and EverCool’s SB-C both of which contain too much material for installing dual 80mm fans just above a case floor. The 802 is designed for cabinets with AC powered fans, but the bracket design is tough to position in towers in order for remaining hardware to pass by the fans. The SB-C has lower fin legs making installation too high to avoid lower PCI cards when mounting fans on the top of the bracket. So, what is the answer after Tweakmonster’s stainless steel, slim, close quarter, dual 80mm fan bracket left the scene? Self-fabrication.
Been using these connectors for banks of up to 5 high capacity HHDs using stripped stranded 18AWG wire, twisted then soldered at the cut end. Pushing the stripped wire is easier then insolated, but tedious, if you’re a stickler for neatness. The HDDs’ spacing is approximately 1⅛” and heat shrink tubing was cut to fit and used between each connector on each wire. Pass through caps are in tandem and an end cap is used at the last connector in the line. The cluster of cables is connected to the PSU sheathed cables using gold Molex male & female pins with each connection covered with heat shrink. A larger heat shrink covers the cut end of the PSU woven sheath and encapsulates the wire bundle much like an exhaust manifold. The appearance is tidy, straightforward and above all works like a charm.