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Worked Great but clicking after 1.5 years...
I think I''ve been running this pump for around a year and half. It has been pushing a Core i7 Sandy, XSPC Rasa block, Black Ice SR1 Triple 360 radiator, 1/4 inch tubing. It is very powerful. Just recently it started clicking intermittently. Sounds like a geiger counter. It would start clicking at random, then stop. I removed it and benched it with a simulated loop. Still clicking away and it is getting worse.
Works great, no kinks, very flexible.
I had an excess of this tubing and just left it in the loop, coiled up. Never kinked or anything
Allows me to use any compression fitting or barb I choose. Great in case I decide to change the tubing size again. Completely sealed, no leaks.
Stuff is the best. Nearly impossible to even have an air bubble in it. hard return> It is like a liquid metal. Goes on like a liquid, then hardens with the CPU heat cycle. How is this stuff so underrated? Bad SEO? Zero marketing? It is the best, and needs to be recognized as such.