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3.5g for life
They are not kidding when the info says you can get about 2 dozen applications from this tube. I bought mine many years ago. The adhesive on the label is gone. I had to use packing tape to reattach. Unfortunately, AS5 is now in the middle of the pack when it comes to performance. It is still better than any other of those white no name pastes/pads. I mainly use it for non-overclocked builds/repairs now.
Still undecided
Not really sure if this additive was really needed as opposed to a good DI water flush. Part of my loop was allowed to dry out while I wait for another water block and the tubing is molding badly on the inside. There is green fuzzy blotches all around the inside of the tubing, but only the tubing. I am here to order new tubing which I should replace anyway. Already 4+ years old and badly discolored by the previous liquids.
Nice bay addition.
I also ordered the black face plate, and the magnetic bay holder to ease refilling. The block of Delrin seems to hold out OK. If you look at the last blue lights out pic, you will see little black pegs at the top on the left/right. Those are stainless steel set screws. You can divert/control flow to either side. I have it diverting most liquid to the non-output tube for de-aeration. As the entire front has to be removed again for adjustments, I may prefer it set to one side. Actually quite noisy when not full. Think mini water fall.
Looks steam punk
They are not kidding about the finish. Use fingers to tighten as the finish is very thin. If you look at the vertical, close up, you can see a ring on the inside where the finish stops. Looks industrial with the 5/8"-3/4" black worm drive hose clamps.
Breathing life back into a socket 775
First off, the packaging is really nice. It does come with 1/2" barbs, tiny worm drive clamps, and Ceramique paste. I have not been able to test yet as I am trying to reuse some old 1/2" tubing in a new 4U case. While getting my main desktop finished...
Just as it sounds/looks
Probably A LOT cheaper locally. But then again, I only had to walk to the front door to pick up :-) Used to mate two 230MM fans in a push/pull config to a sheet of plastic for an outdoor rad.
Just what the doctor ordered!
I have two 140mm fans in the top of my case and they are both determined to make me insane. Even using silent fans, they vibrate out of sync and made the case into the boom box from hell. I ended up putting them on different fan outputs so I can control the spins of each to keep them in sync. Put these in between the fans and case, snugged the screws up, and the only noise now is the pump in the bottom. Oddly enough, the original 120mm fan in front and rear are silent and run 100% for the last 4+ years with no troubles. Should have done this to begin with!