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Best air flow / noise
I have a box full of expensive fans, only have Vipers in my case. Look good without added heat of LEDs. Best pressure/air flow at low speeds -- dead quiet. Best fan on rads.
Very high flow system only.
Not working for me. Seems to work best with tubing connects at top, unlike pictures here. I use 3/8" inside tubing, does not turn fast enough to register on mobo fan header. Visual only. Replacing with Koolance FM18 system.
I bought 4 of these a couple years ago because of high reviews, but I''ve HAD 3 OF THEM GO BAD, AND 2 FREEZE UP AFTER 18 MONTHS (those two were mounted horozontally)!! And they were not that quiet as reviews showed. I''ve had much better luck with the twister or fluid bearings...
Non-conductive, but...
Left a drop on the bench overnight, next day it was still there, did not evaporate even here in Albuquerque. Get some on your mobo, it does not damage anything, but mobo will not operate till you blow every tiny bit off with a compressor. I got tiny drop on joints under southbridge heat sink, would not boot till I blew everything clear. Works extremely well otherwise!
One of top 3 fans out there...
Very sturdy, attractive, good pressure, flow/db among best. I use two, CPU back side exhaust, and rad exhaust.
Love these fans!!!!
I think best fan out there! I have 4 in my rig - these red are gorgeous color. Best air flow/db and pressure you can get. Not totally silent though even at low speed simply because they throw so much air. Use Akasa Viper or Apache for dead quiet but less air. Put one wife''s Megahalem and lowered temps 4C. Beware of published db fan specs!