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TheKonechewa (18) Results: 1-18 of 18
Fantastic Rivets
I love these rivets! They got the job done and they have a great look. Anyonewho is looking to buy these though, I suggest making sure this is the right size. If you need to remove these rivets, just drill through the top. Easy to use! I highly reccomend these!
Great Rivets!
These rivets are excellent! The color in the picture is NOT overdone. The color you see here is what you get. The only reason I''m giving these a 4 is because, occasionally, a little bit of the blue coloring came off when I installed them. What came off is barely noticeable though, so no worries. Great product!
Gets The Job Done And Works Great
Great filter! It really adds style to a fan! There is only thing that I would change though. I would make it easier to remove this filter. You have to screw it into the fan with normal fan screws. This works and it still looks great. I highly reccomend!