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Almost perfect
I like how these are great for the 25mm fans, but they are just a thread or two too long. On the Blackice Stealth 360, they hit the protective tab on the opposite side of the radiator flange. Had I not put a single flat-washer on each screw before mounting the fan, it would have slightly crushed the veins of the radiator even with the protective tab there. Outside of that, they work great.
I used to use two elbow fitting and shape a piece of tubing in a "C" pattern to hook up both my video cards. With these it is a breeze. Each fitting has two rubber O-rings in them. Screw one into the top card, put the crystal tube into the bottom one (seat it all the way in through both O-rings for a double-seal) and screw it into the bottom card. Then install the top card into the motherboard and then gently separating the two cards as you insert the second card, lining up the tube with the top cards fitting. Then gently squeeze the two cards together pushing the tube into the top card fitting. Again, seat it all the way in. The instructions say to use the 14mm tube for water blocks that have ports facing up and down. It was too short for mine so I used the 19mm, but I also pushed the tube in all the way into both O-rings. No leaks, looks awesome and now I don''t have the huge "C" shape tube wraping around both cards.
As others have said, the impeller bushings wear out. This cost me 2 4890 ATI video cards. The impeller stalled, blocking the water coolant and overheating both video cards.
Works Great!
This is actually a great product. I know some say the light didn''t work for long, but maybe they got an older version? Mine works perfectly. I can set the light to on/off or what they call "syn", which means the light will strobe to the pulse of the rotating turbine inside. But, make sure (if you don''t have it already) you get the adaptor board for it as well. It is not sold with this flow sensor. This plugs into that adapter board which converts the turbine pulse into a readable signal by a motherboard fan plug. I''ve set mine up on the CPU Fan plug and I can now set an alarm on the RPMs for this cool little lighted flow sensor. I believe the reason it is not sold together is so that if you ever had a problem with the flow sensor and had to replace it, you don''t have to buy the adaptor board again, which makes perfect sense. Great product...I love it. I can now rest easy that if anything happened to my water-cooling pump, this little gadget will trigger an alarm to let me know something is wrong.
Works Great!
Sorry, I meant to give this product a 5 and forgot to change the default setting.