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Bearing noise after just 5mos
I bought two of these and after just 5mos one is now making bearing noise until it warms up. Pretty shabby for a "ball-bearing fan." Not worth the trouble to warranty. Just don''t expect these to last a long time, prob is there are very few alternatives out there at this size. Also, one hole is blocked by the wires unless you remove them from the slot, making it easy for the wires to push into the fan blades. That hole is made into a slot, meaning you can remove the wires without pulling them through, and said hole is significantly smaller, making it nearly unuseable as a mounting hole. Since I was mounting using tiny cable-tie straps, it was not an issue to me.
Good pick for sound reduction and budget
This foam is not heavyweight, and as such not the best to be used for case rattle issues. It is designed to minimize sound reflection instead. The two 15x21" pads are about 3/16" thick, easily bendable, and the sticky is quite strong and instantly sticks semi-permanently. Came in a huge box, they did not fold the foam. This is enough to cover the two outside panels of a full tower, or even more W/smaller units. If you want to detail almost the entire case, get two if you have full- or mid-tower; or if you want to cover the mobo backplate/tray too. My last kit was ThermalTake, and the foam came loose after a day or two when it was coverning even the slightest bends, like 20* angles. I would rather have problems with the foam sticking too easily than coming loose. A few times the foam stuck to my fingers and tore all the sticky off in a couple of small places, but this was not a problem in the big picture. Another review said you can take it back off and reapply, not my experience, temperature may play a factor (it was a little hot, 80+*F). If you want to reduse case rattle, I suggest you either go with one of those more expensive kits or put the foam between the offending rattling peices. My computers are quite quiet. Tip: when you have an air bubble, just pop it with a screwdriver corner or knife. Also, don''t put foam in the way of the sliding panel area. Measure the slide area first and stay >1/16" away from it. May not be flame-retardant.
Good quiet fan so far
I chose this fan bc I have HAF 912 and it did not come W/top fan. I also chose the lower RPM ver bc I wanted a quiet computer, and that''s what I got, I am happy W/it. For the first few days it made a tiny ticking/buzzing sound, not audible unless the room is quiet; but it went away recently, may be temperature-dependant IDK. The thing I dinged it for was conventional sleeve-bearings, not long-lasting. Unfortunately, the only other non-sleeve bearing 200mm fan I could find at my regular suppliers had the wrong mounting hole dimensions for my case. So I needed to buy CM to ensure compatibility WO/modding my case. As for the LEDs, I saw a reviewer complaining that they were too bright, I didn''t think so, if that was an issue then why did they buy an LED fan? It is large, if it is all lit up then quite a bit of light will excape. There was another fan out there that only lit four areas instead, but I could not find mounting hole dimensions on them. These mounting holes are on 154mm centers (square pattern) - yes less than the diameter. I could feel plastic being shaved as I installed the screws, so yes, make certain you start the screws straight too.
Great quiet fan
Don''t buy this fan if you want maximum airflow. But for this quiet, it has excellent airflow. I replaced a stock fan on my CM HAF 912 W/one of these, approx. the same airflow but even quieter. I like it.