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NKrader (5) Results: 1-5 of 5
Good Stuff
Great Paste. lowered temps about 6c from average as5. to apply easyily get warm before trying to apply. as when its warm it is super easy to apply.
Good Stuff With Tower26 and Feser Triebwerk
Purchased 3 more to fill the top of my Tower26 Front Figured out that if you flip them over upside down they will sit flush with the front of the case! Cheers good product
Great On DD Cases
Purchased 1 of these to test fit on front of DD-Tower26 Case with open fan holes and they work perfect there is a small gap in between the fiter and the case that still needs to be filled somehow.. Overall very good product and I will be purchasing 3 more for the rest of the slots :) -NKrader