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great for P4 heatsink
Last year, I purchased 70mm Evercool to replace an OEM Tai-Sol that came with the OEM P4 heatsink. The Evercool gave out within a year, so I looked for a Noiseblocker, but there aren''t any in 70mm, so I opted for this 80mm unit. It needed a 78-80 mm adapter (good thing FrozenCPU sells those), but it''s much quieter and much cooler also than any 70 mm fan that supplies adequate airflow. Worth the extra few dollars over a 70mm replacement, and the MTBF rating leaves me confident that it can handle cooling my processor fr a long time. The 140,000 hour MTBF equates to about 16 years, far longer than the old P4 will be around, but it''s great to know I can use it until windows XP is no longer supported.