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Great product for the money
I have two of these. First one has run flawlessly for a year without a problem. Great for monitoring up to 4 temps and 4 fan speeds. Good for when you don''t need fan control, as fans get FULL power (not a few watts like many controllers) And you can choose ANY combo of fans and temps to display, from a single temp to a single fan speed, and any combo up to 4 temps and 4 fan speeds. READ THE DIRECTIONS! Only complaint I have is that you have to select your display color each time you power up. This should be in EEprom along with your settings but its not a big deal.
Works well, cannot jam and stop flow
Very nice little turbine flow meter. Price is misleading because you must buy the electronic sensor pack to have it read out in your fan monitoring system. Readout is directly in cc/min on a standard fan speed indicator. Mine reads 8000 cc/min (8 liters/min) no problem. Have had the electronics intermittantly glitch for a second or so, but the flow turbine did not stop so this was a read error. I like the idea of monitoring flow rate directly instead of pump rpm, as you can get a flow blockage that won''t stop the pump, and flow to your water blocks is what counts.
Use with Turbine meter head
You must buy this to use the turbine meter head. Reads out in cc/min when using a standard RPM fan speed monitor. I use the Thermal Star thermometer/fan speed monitor sold here, and this works great to sound an alarm if my flow rate drops. Have had a few false alarms, but these last for only a second or so and are read glitches in the electronics (flow never stopped).