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Tribalwolf (3) Results: 1-3 of 3
Perfectly Quiet And Perfectly Functional
Extremely quiet and blows a great amount of air. 3 Of them running on my system with barely any audible noise. Wires are a tad short for most systems however a nice sata power to 2 x pwm adapter worked perfectly and helped keep things nice and clutter free.
Great design ... But needs a bit of improvment
Overall this has a great design. They have taken there custom designed temp sensor / fan controller and included a brushed alluminum bay cover that is custom cut to fit the controller. It was however, quite difficult to insert the controller into the cover. Ended up using a small screwdriver to use alot of force on the side tabs to rock it back and forth. Once in completely it was quite loose and could be felt moving up and down a bit when touched. A bit of hot glue fixed this but like me , most end users would like to not have to mod anything or add securements that should have really been thought of during the design phase. Sensors can be removed so that only what is needed is actually used which is great for cable management. Buttons are actually quite stiff and would have been a tad better if a sensible click or a softer depress were incorporated into them. Matches the lian li v351 well. Instructions are quite the process the understand but a bit of trial and error and the unit works wonderfully.