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stiff, harder to cut
Much stiffer than the Feser tubing. Not sure if that''s good or bad, but I don''t really like it. And it''s a bit cloudy. If you want crystal clear tubing, this isn''t it. And when you cut it, the material kinda chunks--it does not slice cleanly, even with razer-sharp cutters. In fact the "tube cutter" that I bought from FrozenCPU could barely get through it.
It''s tiny. Hilariously tiny. But it works well. I''ve already lost the little brass attachment. Still works fine. One star off because it''s so easy to lose, and because the tube for evacuating air is so small that it gets clogged with liquid.
Developed a rattle at speed 5
Initially it was silent at all speeds, but while still getting rid of bubbles it developed a rattle on the #5 speed setting. At 4 1/2 it is silent still, but I think I might RMA it. Otherwise, yeah, terrific pump.
Does exactly what it looks like it does. Very handy, very heavy, very shiny. Beautifully manufactured just like all Bitspower adapters.
I had the identical experience: the FC-2 was a major fail. This has worked absolutely perfectly with six fans.
Incredibly handy
My video cards are the last stop before the coolant goes back to the radiator. The second card is at the bottom of the case, and the radiator is all the way at the top. This means either a) a really tight turn, which will probably kink, or b) a LONG gentle arc. Both options are bad. This thing solves the problem perfectly, giving the shortest possible route for a 180 degree turn while minimizing flow restriction. And the mirror-like polish looks awesome.
Helps remove tubing turns
I bought 7 of these. They are perfectly machined and polished, almost jewel-like. They are so shiny and nice I was reluctant to install them. I bought 7 because how often do you have a straight shot from one component to the next? Pretty much never, I''ve found. These give you a lot of flexibility if you''re trying to create straight shots. You''ll never create such a compact and free-flowing turn with tubing. They screw in snugly. The rotation is quite stiff, but I found that reassuring.
Vastly better than a plastic elbow
I''ve also reviewed the 180 and 45 degree parts, and this is just as useful and nice. Bitspower parts are heavy and perfectly machined. The finish is mirror-like. I can''t believe people opt for junky plastic parts when these are only a few bucks more.
nearly perfect
These work exactly as advertised. I installed 9 of them, and had zero leaks on my first leak test. Why only 4 stars? The knurling on the three moving barrels is really abrasive. The part functions perfectly, and looks beautiful, but the knurling is painful after you''ve installed 3 or 4. Maybe I should have worn gloves... Also, I found that they compressed to varying degrees. I only had 2 that compressed the tubing enough to re-seat like in the picture above. No idea if that''s normal, and maybe it''s just the tubing. The other 7 have a gap between the two large barrels. Still, highly recommended.
very good fan
I installed three of these in a Corsair 800D in place of the slow 140mm fans it came with. As usual, "silent" here actually means "not as loud as cheaper fans" but definitely not silent. I have them attached to a Lamptron FC-2 (along with 3 other NB fans for the rad). The two different lengths of sleeved cabling is a very nice touch. The screws and rubber gasket and rubber grommets work perfectly.
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