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My past review.
Finger slipped, I meant to give 5 stars, my bad.
Purse lock evolved :)
These are great in wire management. They hold bunches of messy wires together, and unlike the tie wraps and tie mounts are reusable - nothing to cut off, no sticky mess. I recycle these between builds all the time.
Simple and elegant.
First things first - read the WARNING on the product description tab before proceeding. Then order as many as you can, if you''re a system builder. I find myself in a constant need for these buggers. It helps me reduce wire clatter from fans in the case in general, or helps connect lets say two fans into one channel onto the fan controller panel. If you value your time you will let the pros at FrozenCPU sleeve these babies for you. The final product looks classy and the job is done great. Now you can even choose the color or not only shrink or sleeving, but also the connectors themselves, but its gonna cost you.
Its RE-leasable and RE-sealable. Its also Re-usable :)
Title says all. These are 6" ties, sturdy plastic, and help those people like me, who can''t decide right away on where to tie the wires down and ends up wasting 5-10 regular ties, where one of these releasables would do. Don''t think the setup is final? Use these without regret, and reuse them :) Keep harmful plastics out of our dumps...blah-blah-blah.
Heavy duty is right.
Used them to hold huge Feser / Noiseblocker Triebwerk TK-122 fans in place, when used as case fans. Not easily scratched, so don''t worry about paint stripping off the screws. Compared to other case screws are massive.
Not a looker but a good performer.
I put two of these babies on my side panel. First I sandwiched them b/w the fans and the case panel, and the noise of air whistling through the aluminum was a bit too much, so I had to put them on the outside of the case, so the noise subsided. I used to get tons of dust in this case, its huge, tall and still has 5 PATA HDs, who''s cables are dust traps so the case was always a horror to clean. Just putting 2 of these filters killed the 90% of dust if not more. Of course any filter or grill will kill the airflow amount, but I don''t see a temperature difference either on a CPU or a motherboard. These filters don''t have a "stylish" look but they do the job. They held a huge amount of dust after a couple of weeks and the blower didn''t do justice, so I had to use an old toothbrush to clean the dust caught in those tiny holes.