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MASSIVE, in a good way. (you won''t run out of work space)
This thing is seriously huge, as the description specifies, but until you see it in person you probably won''t realize just how much space 24" x 48" really covers until it is rolled out on your table at work or home. This of course is a good thing though as no one wants to run out of real-estate on their work mat and have to end up putting expensive and fragile electronics on a bare table or floor. This mat is a total life saver in so many ways; for example the anti-static arm strap and ground cable do their job while still allowing you to move freely at your work station provided you don''t have to get up and do something else of course, but even then you just disconnect and make sure you''re grounded / free of static when you come back before resuming work. Being 7 feet tall (no that is not a typo or exageration by any means) I always have to worry if certain items, like the wrist strap, will fit without some sort of personal modification (I usually end up buying two of most things and mod''ing them together withe strap like items, but I was pleasently surprised to find that when fully adjusted to the largest size the included wrist strap not only fit me, but it actually fit comfortably. As for the soft and almost spongey (for lack of a better term) yet seemingly durable surface (I have only used it 3 times so far) it allows sensitive items like plexiglass side panels to be laid flat upon it without the constant fear that it will be scratched by the surface itself if it is bumped, slide, or moved around provided that you simply use common sense and take 2 seconds to shake off or brush the mat free of any debris that may have accumulated between each use. It also feautures a few little touches that surprisingly can come in handy like two rulers (metric and standard) along with a fan sizing guide / chart that all appear to be painted directly on the mat; allowing you to simply place a fan, side door, or case up against it and find out exactly what size fan you are going to need (or already have in your hand) or in the case of the rulers measure parts or cases to prevent clearance or sizing issues. These suprisingly came in handy a few times and meant I didn''t need a ruler or tape measure laying around on my work space and could just simply slide the side door over to the sizing guide and easily find out what size fan I needed to order for a customers computer. (It ended up being a 38mm, weird I know.) Back to the review; this thing is great and am surprised to find that more places online don''t carry it. I haven''t seen this particular model until now and I think it blows away any other portable work mats I have ever owned. I would highly reccomend it to anyone in need of a protable work surface that can easily be picked up and moved, taken with you to a job site provided you have ample space, and easily cleaned in between uses. The only thing I personally feel that could make this item better would be something along the lines of an optional carrying case, or bag, for builders and techs who frequently do on-site work or travel. Kudos to FrozenCPU for carrying all of the little things that I seem to need lately that bigger chains and websites don''t seem to carry for some reason. This is the fourth product I have purchased from the company "Modright" from and I have to say out of those 4 I found 3 to be of the highest quality and the other one wasn''t bad, just not as good as the other 3. I appologize to anyone reading this if my review is too long winded / too in-depth / not informative enough / or too personal for your liking. I write my reviews honestly, and only about items that I have personally purchased from this website and used myself so that I can share my opinion and experience with others to help them aid them in their decision making process. I know personally I hate having to search extensively around the web just to find a real review of an item when half the time you don''t know if the site is being sponsored or even given free "samples" for writting the reviews. It sucks and I am sick of all the fan-boy reviews, online bickering, and obvious troll comments, that ultimately make it hard for your average consumer to tell who really knows what they''re talking about when it comes to buying any product online, so I hope to fight back against the BS one review at a time. Sorry for the rant and i hope this helped at least little ]
Hands down the Best Sound Dampening Product!!!
This product arrived on my door step along with the sound dampening kits / materials from Modright and Lian Li and it blows both of them out of the water. According to my trusty Radio Shack SPL Meter it cut the sound levels by about 9db at a distance of like 15 feet. Since the rig is to be used in a music recording studio every DB counts. The density of this product alone will help stops vibration resonance, and then when you factor in the honeycomb top layer that eliminates a lot of higher frequency fan / air pressure noise this thing is a real winner. It is 7mm in thickness which is only 1mm shy of being twice as thick as both of the other products, but even if you doubled up on the other types / brands you still wouldn''t have the middle rigid layer that this company has inside that does a great job at stopping vibration noise in its tracks. This stuff rocks and is actually worth the premium price tag unlike a lot of other stuff. The only possible downside I can see is that it is just about the exact thickness of standard brass motherboard stand-offs, so i would not advice using it under your boards as per the instructions, but then again I personally wouldn''t use any under sound dampening materials under my mobo back side for obvious reasons.