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Hypermiler314 (7) Results: 1-7 of 7
4 years, fine
I bought this tubing for my rig 4 years ago and it''s been in there since. I use regular distilled water in my system and it works out just fine, only flushed my system once in those 4 years. Tubes are a little cloudy being ran for 4 years straight but that should really be suspected.
Only need one to light up my 800D like the 4th of July
I did have 2 UV cold cathodes, was very dim in my giant 800D case. Just hooked up this thing, it is BRIGHT! I know everyone is saying that but it really is insanely bright
Works Amazing!
Made my UV reactive coolant light up VERY nice and bright! I have 1 bulb lighting the top half of my 800D case. I''m very happy with it.
Looks good
Looks good on my clear tubing with UV reactive coolant. The picture you see of it shows it around smaller tubing I guess because it is very snug on the tubing, not with any gap like you can see in that picture. The only problem I had was I was trying to slide it onto the tubing like a sleeve and that takes FOREVER since its such a tight fit, then I realized you can get the end of the twist and bend it over the tube then basically wrap it around the tubing as far as you need it to go, makes it insanely easier.