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Solid and good looking
First off, be aware that there seems to be two versions of this product. The first one I bought was defective(tachy not working) and had a noticeably lower quality LCD. I didn''t see any version 2 listings when I was researching reviews so perhaps the LCD was defective on my first one as well. Review is SOLELY based on the replacement. The knobs control the full range of power and easily drive any 2 fans I''ve put together on a channel at max rpm (all 120s and 140s). Build quality is solid, all of the knobs are braced by the front bezel in such a way that I don''t worry about them breaking off. The plugs in the rear are easy to access without using needle nosed pliers. The LCD is simply gorgeous, all of the color options are vibrant and crystal clear. Plenty of cables are included.