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Compression fittings are the way to go!
I have a cpu loop that has both compression fittings and barbs in order to save a little money. Dumb mistake, the barbs are a real pain. I''ve had to adjust them several times until they stop leaking. If you don''t cut the tubbing totally flat they will not seal properly. There is no way I would put these in my Case. I would always be worried about leaking. These fittings, you screw them down and you''re done. No leaks at all. I will only be using these fittings in my loops. Totally worth the extra cash. Specifically, these fittings are heavy and seal real well. I''ve been fooling with my loop, finding the best layout and you can tell that some of the black paint has come off the threads. However, this does not change the over all look because it you can''t see it when its put together. They came with green (wtf?) washers as shown in the pictures so bought a package of blue ones and switched them out. You would think they would come with a default back. Overall, love them.