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Felix1805 (6) Results: 1-6 of 6
Great controller
I just received my controller, and am very pleased with it. I had frozenCPU sleeve all the cables, and they once again did an excellent job. quality of this unit seems very high, switches turn freely and with a pleasant uniform resistance, much like quality audio equipment. display readout is clear, and with purchasing an sata-4molex adapter from this site, I didn''t have to install an old molex cable just for this device, awesome!
great accessory!
I''m very glad I found this adapter, having just bought a laptron 30W fan controller, I would normally have to install a 4 pin molex extension on my PSU, but with this adapter I can just use my SATA power cable connected to the cd-rom drive!
must have for clean PC interior
I use these extensions for 3 fans inside my chassis, and they have completely eliminated the last of my cable clutter. Using these cables, I was able to hide all the wires behind the motherboard and the sleeving makes them very attractive to look at if u arent able to hide them completely.
great product, frozenCPU never fails to have what I need!
I have found so many great things on this website, and this is one of them. After making sure that my motherboard fan channels have enough power, I installed two of these to control both two r4 cooler master fans in the front of my case through one channel, as well as two in the back through a single channel. My motherboard still adjusts the fan speeds accordingly, and speedfan shows the correct rpm readings as well!