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Drew Bliss (3) Results: 1-3 of 3
Very good for basic use.
Satisfied with use of this tester. Gives relatively detailed results about the current functionality of power supplies in any PC troubleshooting situation. Great to make sure a PSU is working, even if it cant really tell a quality PSU from a decent one. Beeping is annoying as hell, though it serves its purpose: wish it wasn''t quite so loud.
Mandatory tool in any tech & overclocker kit...
I love Arctic products, including this one. Ive been using the stuff for over 5 years, and have yet to find fault with its performance. I conserve it by using some 95% alcohol to get the bulk of TIM off a surface, but the Step 1 Solution really gets the surface completely clean with just 3 or 4 drops and Q-tips. I''m not sure about the usefulness of Step 2, but I use it anyway- it cant hurt anything, and it seems to finish the process well enough.