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Rougewolf Customs (10) Results: 1-10 of 10
Great block for the Maximus Impact
This is the way to go if you want to watercool your Maximus Impact board. Easy install, great contact points and even better temps. My only gripe is make sure you tighten every bolt down once you receive it. Upon initial testing I did see some fluid leak past the o-ring.
Best production blood red coolant
This is one of the best color matched coolants for Blood Red I have seen. Most of us have made our own mix red with some blue and there you have it. Note this will stain every piece of your loop but as long as you don''t plan to change color or are willing to clean them out if you do I definitely recommend this coolant.
Good fitting bad finish
The fitting itself works as it should. Mind you very small threads at the G1/4 end and I found myself using a pair of pliers to tighten them down to prevent leaks. Outside of this the finish itself is not very good. There are multiple spots where the coating is rough or almost non existent especially at the bend. I use these in the more hidden parts of my builds as they are a bit cheaper then the leading competitor and perform the same.
Best fitting on the market hands down
There is no competition these are the best fittings hands down. The finish is immaculate, the threads are smooth and they provide great grip to tighten them down. Worth the price.
Great Rad for a mITX front mount
Used this rad in a recent Bitfenix Phenom build and a previous Prodigy build. Perfect size to mount up front with a 180mm fan. Thick enough to allow for a less dense fin array letting you run lower rpm fan to keep the noise down. Solid design and good finish note some spots were rough. A handy extra were the stick on copper logo''s which allowed me to paint both rads and add the logo after!
Great rad for tight space
Used this rad for a top mount in a mITX build. Never a fan of thinner rads but the space only allowed this size. I would like to see an option with a bottom G1/4 thread.
One of the best 240 rads on the market
This beast is thick. I know some people will scream MONSTA but this rad can handle some serious temps. Ran this in conjunction with a UT 360 to cool a CPU + single SLI loop while keeping noise almost silent with essentially passive cooling at idle.