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Works as advertised.
Easy to set up. Easy to program. Not overly noisy, somewhat like a refrigerator; depends on your pump speed + water temp settings. Water temps quickly reached 10 degrees C. Got a 3960X to 5.2GHz without even trying. Dual GTX780s cool as cucumbers (haven''t overclocked them yet). A bit pricey, but awesome results.
Effective but noisy
High quality copper heatsink, does its job well. Fits nicely under videocards. Fairly easy install. However Enzotechs''s website rates the attached 35mm fan @ 28dB; NO WAY. The annoying high-pitched whine coming from this little fan literally drowns out all my other 6 case fans combined.
19.7 dB? Don''t think so.
One is louder than the other. Even the quiet one is louder than advertised.