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Somewhat works...
I ordered 10 of these for 2 radiators. They are supposed to increase the stand off of your fans from the radiator and therefore inceasing the density of air being pushed/pulled thru the rad, while helping silence the fans by absorbing fan vibration. They do that, however; when installed on a 120mm fan they intrude by roughly 5mm an all sides, somewhat reducing air flow. So you are actually receiving air flow thru 110mm and not making full use of your 120mm fan. Also you need to know that you cannot over tighten the screws. Even slight over tightening (although you may not be touching the fins) makes the rubber buckle and bend/warp a bit which will further decrease your air flow if not disrupt it a bit. This can be avoided by carefully watching for it to buckle, and the backing off until its straight again.