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J.Vaughan (15) Results: 1-15 of 15
Cuts 3/8" ID 5/8" OD perfectly
True, scissors work and razor blades too but I found it pretty handy. All cuts were smooth, clean, and hassle free cuts.
Lets me pull out my resevoir, when disconnecting it shuts off the flow, but a small splatter of water will come out, no big deal. I recommend the VL3N series if you''re looking at this, they''re no spill. I havent figured out how to drain with these yet. So far I have to jam my fingers in both sides to open the loop & pump the water out.
Not high flow
Thing is tiny, bleeding tube is tiny, gets clogged with liquid. If you''re filling your system for the first time it will not suck down liquid quick enough. For other purposes (top-offs) I guess its fine but it fills the res very slowly.
Outstanding work
Great idea, outstanding work by the Frozen CPU team. One of the connectors was attached upside down from the rest however.
No Leaks!
Awesome, heavy, beautiful (but expensive) fittings. Used all compression fittings on my loop and not a single leak ever! They''re a bit of a pain to put on but they''re worth it.