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SeeD419 (4) Results: 1-4 of 4
Can''t complain.
$5. One drop to the coolant. Kills stuff. Doesn''t get much simpler.
It''s okay.
I''m not really impressed with this thermal paste and it''s mostly because of the hype, graphs, and charts that I saw before ordering. It works, and the temps are okay...but it''s not a godsend by any means. I''ve used this now on 6 different chips, and not a single chip has had a noticeable drop in temperature when compared to any other basic thermal paste. I''ve tried the spread method, the pea method, and experimented with applying different amounts of the paste, and each time my load temps are 50C - the same as they are with the lame $3 silicone paste from my local computer shop. I guess for novelty of "hey I''m using diamond powder" it''s cool - but as far as functionality don''t bank on it being anything amazing. I applied this to my laptop''s cpu as well because it tends to shut off when it gets too hot (typical) and it was currently mounted with silicone paste. I applied the IC diamond, burned it in, and it still shuts down due to CPU overheating. I used the pea method and got a great spread with it. So overall I''m not impressed and wouldn''t bother ordering it again. I''m glad others seem to have good results though...