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svthomas (27) Results: 1-27 of 27
Look great
Used these on a Gangrene Danger-Den acrylic case, they look awesome and work great.
They do okay.
I have two of these, and they seem to be about 1 degree from each other. So just know that they are a degree or two off of the actual temp, so I took off one point. They look great, and haven''t had any issues other than the minor temp difference. Would buy again.
Seal great
Easy to use, seal up nice and tight, and look great. What more could you ask for? I am using these throughout my entire loop without any issue and would definitely use them again.
Wore out fast
Used this fan on my P67 Sabertooth motherboard for about 3 - 4 months until one day I heard this god-awful sound coming from my case. Upon further inspection, it became apparent that this fan had quickly wore-out. I have since removed it, and I probably wouldn''t purchase again.
Such a great lil res. Works wonderfully.
Does its job, and does it well. No leaks, temps seem accurate.
The turn is nice and subtle, not abrupt at all. No leaks, seals are nice and tight, and does what it was supposed to do. I am happy with this product. Doesn''t seem to slow my loop down too much.