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Sean C (5) Results: 1-5 of 5
Simple and it works
There isn''t much to say. This thing is cheap, simple to install (literally put it on your PSU and put it back in the case), and helps dampen vibrational noise. I put it on a Corsair CMPSU-650HX modular supply which wasn''t too loud to begin with. Along with small rubber washers to prevent the screws from contacting the case in any way, almost no vibration transfers at all. NOTE: This only helps with vibration transferred to the case. Your power supply''s fan is completely unaffected by this silencer, but you should know that if you''re browsing this site anyway.
Actually pretty effective
Looking at some of the reviews, I was worried these wouldn''t work much or at all. They''re only a few bucks so I figured there isn''t much to lose. I put them in my computer this morning and yes, they work, very well. I have a CM-690II Advanced and I put these on both of the stock exhaust fans (because they''re both close chassis fans). The difference in vibration noise is huge. I mean, it''s absolute. Before, on full speed, the fans would use the entire case as a diaphragm; it would turn the vibrations directly into a loud ''brrr'' noise. Now there is, quite literally, no vibrational noise at all. I can turn the rear 120mm fan or the top 140mm fan to 100% and only hear the sound of air moving. Some things I''d like to point out: 1) Your fingers will probably hurt after installing these because you have to hold them tight to pull them through the fan. 2) These will stretch, a lot. You will only manage to break them if you are a gorilla.
It''s a washer.
I bought 4 of these to put between my PSU screws and the case (along with one of the rubber silencers that goes between the PSU and case). They entirely removed the vibrational noise that I used to get from my power supply. They''re cheap and they work great, not much else to say.
These work perfectly
Like the review before me said, a small flat head screw driver is useful for pushing the rubber bead into the fan''s screw holes. I used these for the two intake fans on my CM 690II Advanced (stock front fan and a Thermalright TR TY-140 on the bottom). Quite simply, they removed all vibrational noise. They work great. One thing to note: if you use these for the front fan on a CM 690II case, you''ll have to cut off a bit of the outside part (that goes through the case, not through the fan) for them to fit under the front fan filter. It''s no problem at all, I''m just pointing it out.