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Handy for radiators as well
I use this to mount a 120 rad to a 140 fan hole. In my rig a 140 rad didn''t fit where I wanted it but a 120 did. So I have this tucked in between a 140 fan and a 120 rad with a 120 fan on the other side. Clearance works perfectly. Two thumbs up!!
The ultimate radiator fan
This is coming from a build done in 2015 where these fans have been running 24/7. What I can tell you based on 5 years using these is that they are by far the choice to go to when you need serious radiator cooling. I have these mounted in push/pull on 80mm thick radiators and they literally will lift a heavy cloth towel placed over the top - not a paper napkin, an actual bath towel. Using your motherboards PWM control they can run near silent and at just under 1k RPM they are almost that. But compared to the fanciest QL140 RGB fans out there these come in at literally A THIRD of the price with more than double the static pressure and CFM airflow - that''s some solid bang for the buck right there. Ideally if you want to step up from these you would get a Noctua or Delta, but again, those are 3x the price if not more to get similar CFM/mmH2O. To complete my build I added Halos Lux fan frames for a splash of RGB. Definitely recommend these fans for price/airflow and they are unbeatable for radiator use. 50K hour MTBF means they will last at least 6 years running 24/7 before the bearing is shot. Yellow is also my favorite color LOL.